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Pricing and Rates

At Majesty Moving, we understand the importance of budgeting for your move. Our unique flat rate plus hourly pricing model is designed to provide transparency, flexibility, and exceptional value for our customers. With our clear and simple pricing structure, you can plan your move with confidence.

Flat Rate Plus Hourly Model: How It Works

  1. Flat Rate: Our flat rate covers the initial allocated time for your move, which includes dispatch travel and on-site labor time. This one-time fee accounts for essential costs such as the truck, fuel, and moving equipment, providing you with a clear base cost for your move.
  2. Hourly Rate: If your move takes longer than the time allocated in the flat rate, an hourly rate kicks in for the additional time. The rate is determined by the size of your move and the number of movers required.

Understanding Your Move Time

All moves are subject to a 2-hour total move time minimum. The move time consists of dispatch travel and on-site labor time:
  • Dispatch Travel: This is the GPS-determined travel time from our warehouse to your origin, and from your destination back to our warehouse.
  • On-Site Labor Time: This begins when our crew arrives at your location and ends when the truck is empty and returned to the pristine condition it arrived in. Travel time between your origin and destination is included within the labor time.

Benefits of Our Flat Rate Plus Hourly Pricing Model

  1. Transparent Pricing: Our pricing model offers a clear and straightforward understanding of the costs associated with your move. With no hidden fees or surprise charges, you can budget confidently.
  2. Flexibility: The flat rate plus hourly model allows you to tailor the moving services to your specific needs, giving you control over the cost of your move.
  3. Value for Money: Our competitive pricing and efficient team ensure that you receive exceptional service at a reasonable cost. You can trust that your investment in our moving services will be well worth it.


Contact our team to discuss your specific moving requirements and receive a personalized quote. With our transparent and easy-to-understand pricing model, we are confident that you’ll find our moving services to be the perfect fit for your needs. Our commitment to delivering an outstanding moving experience, combined with our transparent pricing, sets us apart in the competitive moving industry. Trust in our expertise and let Majesty Moving make your next move a breeze.